Countdown To Download 2007

Site News

27/04/06 - Now with a bit of help I've finally started work on the site again. Hopefully something good will be produced by the time I sod off to Download in June so that I can have some sort of online gallery going on..

29/04/06 11:39 PM - Why is it that the code I originally used to put the links on the left side of the page don't work?. So I copy the same code from another page that I was working on and it works fine. Wierd Huh?. Anyhow I'm gonna watch the Worlds Wildest Police Chases then settle down to some good old nostalgic gaming with Tomb Raider 2

08/05/06 12:47 PM - Just added the winamp thing there (thanks to .:The Beest:. on that 1).     Also added is the whatpulse signature. For those that don't know what it is click here

30/05/06 14:10 - Added that little music player at the top ...just 2 tracks there which you might recognise

05/06/06 19:15 - 3 Days till I leave for download
Also check out those guitar designs below
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